Plenty4 – fully automated 24/7 Disco

media room installation
3 video projections

vending machines
12 security cameras
light and sound
Museum Fridericianum Kassel, Germany 2009

Architecture by: Carlo Goldmann, Miriam Knapp, Ingo Nitsche and Tobias Sieber


The lifesize video-DJ stands behind the turntables and plays his mp3-set whereas the high defintion projected gogos dance sharper than in reality. The crowed rocks the dancefloor. Time to get a drink at the vending machines to hot up the party.
At the yearly exhibition Rundgang of the SCHOOL OF ART KASSEL a fully automated and cost-efficient 24hours disco was built up in the KUNSTHALLE FRIDERICIANUM. The Place of leisure measuring 365 square meters offered a program to the price-conscious and spare time orientated consumers in accordance with the daytime for seven days.
The line up and all service points were economised by known and field-tested technologies. Additionally, a user-friendly guidance system offers useful tips and behaviour advices.




Virtual line-up and video footage:

Making Off:

Thanks to:

Museum Fridericianum Kassel, Rein Wolfs, Prof. Oliver Vogt, Prof. Bjørn Melhus, Tobias Sieber, Ingo Nitsche, Miriam Knapp, Carlo Goldmann, Kristin Meyer, Beatrix Schubert, Helene Türk, Andrea Linnenkohl, Winfried Waldeyer, Mike Schöffel, Paul Kirschner, Christine Messerschmidt, Bernd Leifeld, Miriam Aust, Sebastian Amelung, Dr. Christoph Schröder, Ines Christine Geisser, Aisha Franz, Julia Charlotte Richter, Catrine Val, Leon Val, Katharina Rose, Ana Esteve Reig, Romina Abate, Anne Cathrine Carsten, Flaut Michael Rauch, Frederik Vidal, Christoph Lutz, Tobias Seidenthal, the FunkJunk, Falk Nuschke, Lukas Spriestersbach, Marc Krether, Torben Howorka, Stephan Wilz, Alessandro Brandolisio, Eric, Nils Knoblich, Sebastian Dürer, Daniel Goffin, Basti Fabel, Benno Rappe, Tilmann Hatje, Michael Schmeisser, Jonny, Andreas Göbert, Lars Tschöke, Oliver Koch, Robert Koch, Sasha Perera, Oren Gerlitz, Susanna Berivan, Christian Wagner, Evelyn Wangui Gichuhi , Anja Saran, Kerstin Biel, Marcel de Medeisos, Natalie Engels, David Voigt, Vaghdet Boztepe, Jens Kaiser, Anja Köhne, Philipp Teister, Dirk Wacholder, Ralph Raabe, Barbara Ziemianski, Dr. Karin Stempel, Dr. Helmut Zimmermann, Hausmeisterei KHS Kassel

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