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Report VJing Master Class 2015

Find here a little report about the workshop that I gave with Laurent Carlier (Coordinator of Vision’R) and VJ A-li-ce. For one week in August, the students created a VJ-set which was shown on the association’s festival Rencontres Bandits Mages in November. Focus of the workshop was of course not music, but rather the Vjing. So, what was the reason to invite me? Next to the historical and strong relationship between DJing and VJing, both have technically a lot in common, too. My part was to add once every evening for round about one hour some extra knowledge about the roots of sampling and looping in the history of music, knowledge about rhythmicity, the structure of staves, dramaturgy and a as little bonus, an initiation to the music software Ableton Live. Aditionally, the footage of this years‘ workshop was based on the video archive of Bandits-Mages which comprise a documentation of all projects since 1991. For the presentation, I remixed the sound of it and created a 25 minutes music file as a base for the students‘ VJ-Sets which they presented simultaniously on several screens during the show. Please find below some images and a video report.




The show of the participants of the VJing Master Class at Rencontres Bandits-Mages 2015

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